Alpro Soya Latte

Week after week I spend my lunchtimes in Costa Coffee having delicious Soya Lattes, I have developed a little bit of an obsession since becoming lactose intolerant. Whether its a quick pick me up during a mini shopping trip or a coffee with the girls, I simply can't help myself. 

I found myself wondering how I could make one at home. 

I didn't believe it would be so easy. But it is. All you need is some Coffee (I stole my mums Millicano for a little treat, sorry mum!), a little whisk and some Soya milk, my favourite is Alpro Simply Mild Soya Milk. 

  • Simply boil the kettle, put a spoon of coffee in the mug and fill the water to the half way point. 

  • Get the Soya milk and fill to about 1cm from the top of the mug, trust my if you fill it to the top you will get coffee everywhere! 

  • Get an electronic whisk and whisk from the bottom of the mug slowly lift the whisk up. This will create the froth on the top of your coffee and I don't know about you but that makes it that little bit extra special! 

  • And hey presto a frothy Soya Latte just like the coffee shops!! Enjoy!

Love Lucy xoxo

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