Gluten Free food on the go

Having an intolerance to gluten/wheat/dairy can be easily very manageable if you are at home. But travelling out and about becomes difficult, especially if you are not prepared...My options usually are:

  • Driving to the supermarket and buying some form of unhealthy free from cake/biscuit or crisps and hummus.
  • Going to the local Costa and hoping they have a gluten free wrap in stock.
  • Having a Jacket potato (again) 
  • Starving.
So I made it my mission to find places and options for people who don't have the luxury of being able to just visit Greggs and grab a baguette and give you some options!! 

Recently on Twitter I found myself having a discussion with people about the lack of gluten free foods available on the go and curiosity got the better of me  so I immediately emailed every major supermarket I could think of to see what they had to say for themselves. 
I was pleasantly surprised to receive responses from every single one of my enquiries and I thought I would share them with you. 

In my personal opinion, Asda offers the best free from selection if you are after breads, cakes, pasta etc, and their response was just as good. 

Hi Lucy
Our Buyer has emailed me from home to say we've just introduced a gluten free chicken wrap into the range. Hopefully this will be popular and allow our range to grow.
If you need anything else, please get in touch. Thanks again for writing.
Kind Regards
Claire Ellson
Asda Service Team

I don't know about you but I'm pretty excited to see this!
Asda's Free From Range

Now Tesco didn't give me quite the response that I wanted, but they did attach a document to help with your everyday shopping in store. 
Dear Lucy
Thank you for your email of enquiry regarding the gluten free products that we stock.
To help you with your  research on gluten free products, I have enclosed an attachment of the gluten free range that our Tesco stores stock subject to availability.
I hope this will be of some help to you.

So if anyone would like a copy of the 99 page document consisting of all Tesco own brand products that are Gluten free then feel free to email me and I will send a copy 
However, I have heard from other Coeliacs that Tesco have launched Gluten Free Pre Prepared Sandwiches, but I am still yet to discover these. 

Sainbury's helpline were not helpful, they simply sent me a link to their online page about their free from range and what they have available. (No on the go foods)
Sainbury's Free From Range

Now I knew I was going to be a bit ambitious asking Lidl as I know that they change their stock frequently but it was worth a go! Their response was:
Re: Gluten Free Products
Thank you for contacting us regarding gluten-free products.
We are unable to provide you with a full list of Lidl products that are suitable for a gluten-free diet. We can advise that this information is declared on the packaging.
I have passed your suggestion to stock more gluten-free products to the Buying Department for their information.

Thank you again for contacting us.

Yours sincerely,
For and on behalf of Lidl UK GmbH
So I suppose its a case of grab it while you can in Lidl!

I've got to admit I've not yet visited a Morrisons store to see what their Free from range is like but I received a response email including a link to their webpage...(Still no on the go foods)

Morrisons Free From Range

Marks and Spencers.
I've definitely saved the best until last... M&S are fastly becoming the best for offering Free From food. And as you can see on the below link they offer 2 types of Gluten free sandwiches - Ham and Salad or Cheese Ploughman's. Now I know they're not the best, most interesting flavours but its a gluten free sandwich you can have on the go, can't complain at that!

Marks and Spencers Free From

We all know there are Gluten free chicken wraps in Costa if you are fortunate to be near one of those, but as I have discovered, they are not available in every cafe. 

I really hope this helps and I will continue my mission to find more Gluten Free foods on the go!

Love Lucy xoxo 

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