Pudology Pots

I have always been a massive chocolate lover and always had a sweet tooth so finding out I was Gluten and Dairy free came as a shock... Most nights I would find myself rewarding myself with a chocolate bar or some form of sweet treat just for simply getting through the day, but that all had to stop... Until now! 

I found these little beauties whilst wondering round Holland and Barrett one day and I am relieved I did. 

For anyone that hasnt heard of them, they are little pudding pots of joy which are gluten, wheat, dairy and egg free (so you have no reason not to try them). They have Banoffee, Chocolate Orange, Strawberry, Millionaires, Yoghurts and Chocolate Puds. I obviously chose the chocolate one! 

When I got it home and opened it, I couldn't believe how there could be no dairy involved, the texture was so creamy and smooth! I inhaled the whole pot almost immediately and all I could do for the rest of the day was talk about how nice it was. I am definitely going to try the different flavours soon.
Check out the link to their website here. http://dairyandglutenfreedesserts.co.uk/

Love Lucy xoxo

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