Amy's Kitchen Breakfast

I am a massive fan of Amy's Kitchen. Their Tomato Soup is amazing and I could eat their Noodles all day if I could. But for ages I've been eyeing up the Breakfast Sandwich... Yesterday I took the plunge and bought one, and I was not disappointed!!

The Sandwich is Gluten free, Dairy free and Vegan, but you really can't tell, it is packed full of flavour.  It is based on the popular 'McMuffin' with the bun being Gluten free, and not the usual bread which falls apart or is slightly stale. The 'sausage' is a veggie patty, and the 'egg' is tofu. 

I picked mine up from my local Tesco in the Free From Freezer Section. I love that you can cook it from frozen in the microwave, makes it a super quick and easy breakfast. 

So for a ready meal, it is super tasty, really filling, and only takes 2 and a half minutes to cook... what more do you want on a lazy Sunday?! 

Thank you Amy's Kitchen, I will definitely be buying again! 

Love Lucy xoxo  

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