Gluten & Dairy Free in Madrid - Celikatessen

Twitter is a fantastic platform for someone who has an intolerance to discuss with others and share their experiences of different places. So I decided to send a tweet simply asking if anyone had any suggestions for Gluten and Dairy free in Madrid.
I had multiple responses all including different places. But I did get a message from a lovely woman called Elena from Celikatessen. She told me about Celikatessen and how they bake everything fresh in the market stall and it was all completely Gluten and Dairy free. She also said that I would be able to come and test some of the baked items to see what I thought. Now that's an offer I just couldn't turn down!! 
Celikatessen is located in Mercado Municipal de Pacifico and is just outside of the centre of Madrid. It wasn't the easiest place to find but it was only a 5 minute walk from the tube which was handy.

When we arrived we were greeted by the baker, Sergio, whose English was not the greatest (about as good as my Spanish!) but we managed to communicate. 
He prepared for us lots of different things to try. My particular favourites being the Baguette made from a Yucca (like a potato), the carrot cake and the brownie! 
The baguette was so tasty and not dry in the slightest! It had a distinctive taste, which I assume was the Yucca, which made the texture of the bread gorgeous!

My absolute favourite, the Brownie, was the last for us to try. It was slightly warm, and was cooked to perfection, which isnt the easiest thing to do! It also held itself perfectly together like a cake should. 
So obviously I purchased one of each to bring home! Sadly I ate it before I took a photo 🙈 

Thank you so much for Sergio and Elena for all of their help, I had a fantastic time tasting all of the recipes ☺️ 

Love Lucy xoxo 

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