Hotel Servigroup - Alcossebre

Alcossebre is a seaside village near Valencia alongside the Eastern Mediterranean coast of Spain.

It is also the home of a Servigroup Hotel. They pride themselves in being one of the first hotel chains which cater for Coeliacs and they have 16 hotels which offer specific Gluten Free dishes.

This was obviously a massive selling point to me because as I'm sure you will understand it can sometimes be difficult to find places which can cater for specific needs.

The hotel runs on a buffet style system so for three times a day, everyone comes down to the restaurant and helps themselves to as much salad, meat, rice etc as they want. The coeliac menu works slightly different, for lunch and dinner you get a menu to choose from which includes pastas, bread, paella etc. And once you 'check in' in the restaurant they cook your food for you and bring it out. 

The first night we got there I was absolutely starving so I ordered the Garlic Spaghetti, bread roll and boiled ham. 
Firstly the bread came out and I love the fact that it is in its own wrapper so I know for definite that it is Gluten Free and there is no chance of cross contamination. 

The pasta came out hot and fresh, I was very pleased with it. 

The next day for breakfast the same lovely waiter who served me the day before came straight over to my table and asked what I'd like for dinner. He reeled off so many different options and I decided to treat myself and go for the chocolate cereal. The bowl came out and I had a gluten free version of Coco pops, which were delicious! It had been far too long since I'd had chocolate cereal! On the side of the cereal he added in a packet of Nesquik which I didn't realise was gluten free!! 
The restaurant had a section of drinks and the sign said that if you needed Lactose free milk then there is plenty at your disposal. I was in my element! 

My favourite meal of the whole trip was the Seafood Paella! It took a little bit longer to come out but I certainly didn't mind! A sizzling Paella dish for one came out and the smell was immense! I don't know how they made it but it was so delicious I even had it the next night! 

I cannot thank the staff at Servigroup enough and really love the way that I was treated. The food was fantastic and we are already looking at going back next year! It really is somewhere you can go on holiday and not worry about a thing! ☺️ 

Love Lucy xoxo 

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