It's pretty safe to say I love going out for a burger, who doesn't?! But I cannot understand restaurants which think it is acceptable to serve a burger without a bun! 

So when my friend visited last week and told me that there was a whole Gluten free menu offering burgers WITH buns, I had to go. 

We visited the Leamington Spa branch and we were seated straight away. The lovely waitress explained to us how the restaurant works and was really helpful when I asked her the usual 'Gluten Free' questions.

I wasn't particularly impressed with the fact that none of the chips were available for me because of the fact that the fryers were a high risk of cross contamination. 
Nevertheless, I ordered the Chicken Bacon Pesterella. 

The food came out nice and quick and looked delicious. My burger contained Bacon, Rocket Pesto, Green Goddess Sauce and salad. It was so tasty! The chicken was cooked to perfection and covered in herbs.The bacon was crispy, which is obviously the best way to serve it. And I love Pesto, so I wasn't complaining. 
The bun was tasty but it was a little dry and crumbly. But it was still nice to have a bun around the burger. 

When I looked through the twitter page of GBK, so many people were talking about the Baconnaise sauce, so obviously I had to try it. I was so in love with it as soon as I tried it!! If your reading GBK, I would be the happiest person if you could send me some! ;) 

Overall I would say that it was a successful trip and I will definitely be returning. Hopefully one day they will get the facilities to offer chips that are gluten free! 

Love Lucy xoxo

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