Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day! A good hearty breakfast is the perfect way to kick start a day.
Usually I get up 10 minutes early to cut up all of my fruit and make my porridge extra pretty. 
When I heard that there was a gluten free version of Weetabix, I had to try it. 
Clearly everyone else had the same idea because it took me weeks and weeks of visiting multiple Tescos, Sainsbury's and Asdas to try and find them. Luckily my Mum managed to find them and she treated me to them!! 

They're usually about £4 a box, which is a bit steep but they are definitely worth the money. 
I was a tad greedy and had three with a banana and blueberries. And to add some extra sweetness I added some honey and almond milk. 

They taste slightly different to other Weetabix but it still had a lovely flavour. And I liked that you could leave the milk in the bowl and the biscuits don't automatically turn mushy. They managed to hold their shape!
I'm still amazed at how far the free from market is coming...Gluten free the UK! What next!

Love Lucy xoxo 

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