Dairy and Headaches: Is there a connection?

For the past 10 Months, I have cut Dairy out of my diet. I did this whilst my body repaired itself after discovering I was Coeliac. I was then advised by my doctor that I should try and re-introduce small amounts into my diet to test it. This went pretty well. I started eating pizza with cheese on, biscuits with chocolate in etc. At first it went really well, until about 2 weeks into it.
I woke up one day with, what felt like, a vice attached to my head. Throughout the day, the vice would get tighter and I often found myself putting my head down on the table to stop the lightheadedness. I put up with this for a few weeks, putting it down to lack of sleep and stress. So after spending the weekends in bed, not wanting to move because it hurts so much, catching up on sleep and starting yoga to de-stress myself, I'd had enough.
I visited my doctor and told her all of the symptoms, she tested me for so many things and told me...there's nothing wrong with me! This is the most annoying thing that any doctor can tell you and makes you almost doubt yourself.
The only advice she did give me was the write down everything I ate, and to document when my headaches occur, which part of me head they are and what times. And when I analysed it, the only correlation was, DAIRY!
Scientists have found lots of connections between headaches and allergies, including meat, wheat or dairy. But unfortunately there has been no evidence to help understand why this is the case.
The only methods of prevention that have been found to help is eliminate Dairy from your diet completely. However, there is a lactase enzyme supplement which you can take if you are intent on consuming milk.
Personally I have found that taking decongestants and sinus pressure relief tablets have worked to help ease the pain, but cutting dairy out again seemed to be the only obvious answer!
Hopefully in the near future scientists will be able to work out why this is happening and maybe find a cure for it!

Love Lucy xoxo 

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