Miller and Carter

A few months ago we had a new Miller and Carter turn up in Coventry. It has taken me a while to go and try it but as soon as I found out there was Gluten Free options, I booked a table and we went.
We arrived for our table and were seated very quickly in a cute little booth right by where the chefs prepare the food. I always like that because you can keep an eye on how fresh the food is. 
I asked for an allergen menu and th waitress bought the standard folder with the different sections and tables showing what's in everything. (We've all been there) As soon as I picked it up the manager came over and asked me if I needed any help, what I was looking at having, and how I can adjust the meals to make them Gluten and Dairy free. She was so helpful and I was really happy with her advice. 

I ordered myself a Prawn Cocktail to start, which came fairly quickly and was so fresh! 
After I'd finished the waitress bought over a lettuce wedge, which you get with a sauce. I had the honey and mustard sauce and it was so tasty. I'm still unsure why you get a quarter of a lettuce but it was a lovely starter to the steak. 
The steak came out and it was honestly the best steak I've ever eaten!! I had a Rumo Steak cooked medium with sweet potato fries. The steak was cooked to perfection and the sweet potato fries were so crispy, yet so flavoursome. I was impressed that all of the fries are Gluten free because they are cooked in separate fryers and are coated in rice flour. 

All in all, the service was amazing, the staffs knowledge of my allergies was phenomenal and the food was incredible. Well done Miller and Carter, I will definitely be returning!!

Love Lucy xoxo 

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