Chicken Korma

Many of you don't know but I am a quarter Indian. And unlike most of my family, for my 23 years on this earth I have avoided curries as much as possible. I would often come home and my mum is making herself a curry and it would smell amazing but the look of it put me off. But last week I decided to get my mum to finally teach me how to make a curry! With successful results might I add!
I didn't realise how easy it actually was! I like a little bit of spice but because I'm building myself up gradually I decided to make myself a Korma. (Or a baby curry as my mum would say) 
I went down the free from aisle at Sainsburys and found a jar of Korma curry sauce, but looking at the Salt, Sugar and Fat contents, I thought it would be better for my body that I avoid that one! 
I'm not confident enough to start from scratch yet so I used a curry paste. Full of flavour and cheaper! A lot of the jars I found in sainsburys contained no gluten or dairy which are perfect! (Plus this jar was only £1!)

I didn't stop at just the curry. I wanted the sides too! So upon my weekly shop at Tesco I picked up the little bag of poppadums which are in only 40p, and they were gluten free! 

And obviously if you have poppadums you have to have mango chutney with it! It's a crime if you don't!! Luckily again most of the jars I've found are gluten free but to be in the safe side always check. This one from Sharwoods is my favourite. There are loads of chunks of mango in and it's not overly sweet. 

- 3 chicken breasts - chopped up into whichever size you prefer. 
- 3 tablespoons of Korma Paste. 
- 1 tin of coconut milk. 
- Coriander 
- Coconut Oil

1. In your wok, add the coconut oil, once melted add in the chicken. 
2. When browned off add in any vegetables you would like - I usually add in chopped up much rooms, peppers and spinach. 
3. Add in 2 tablespoons of your Korma paste and leave to cook for a few moments. 
4. Add the contents of your coconut milk tin into the mix and leave to bubble away for about 10 minutes. 
5. If the mixture isn't as strong as you would like, just add in another teaspoon of the Korma paste. 
6. Serve with rice and poppadums and enjoy!! 

Love Lucy xoxo 

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