Camden Markets Against the Grain Festival!

So, on Saturday 14th May, I made my way down on the train to Sunny old London for a day filled with Gluten Free Food, Drinks and Fun!
They promised us a weekend full of colourful and vibrant food to bury the image of gluten free being boring, and they didn't disappoint! The hashtag #beigerage was used throughout the day to go alongside this promise and if you go on twitter and click on that hashtag, there are hundreds of photos of wonderful looking food.

As soon as I got there I me up with a few other bloggers, it was nice to finally put some faces to the names and have a chat to like minded people! We all had a beer and had to do the typical blogger thing and take a photo of it!

I've visited Camden many times before and usually there are lots of Gluten Free options availiable anyway, but this weekend there was actually too much choice! (And I don't think I've ever been able to say that!)
My favourite stand has to be Louisiana Chilli Shack. They make and sell nachos, top them with homemade chilli which is SO tasty! The guys that work there are so friendly too, happy to have a chat to you and explain every ingredient in the chilli. I would definitely recommend a visit.

For lunch though I visited Feast Street Food. They offer Gluten free wraps with either Falafal and Hummus or Chicken Shawarma. I went for the Falafal and Hummus wrap and it was literally insane. The wrap was so fresh and soft it tasted like a 'normal' wrap! It was stuffed with Falafal, Hummus, Quinoa, Tabouli Salad and topped with Pomegranate seeds. If I could make one everyday for lunch I defintely would! 

I also managed to get my hands on brownies from Cupcakes and Shhhht, Peanut Butter cookies from Cookies and Scream and a Coconut brownie made by Lisa Roukin at a demonstration.

Well done Camden Market on a fantastic weekend event, I will be back!!

Love Lucy xoxo

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