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I don't know about you but I'm all about snacking. I can't get through the morning without munching on some fruit or the afternoon without a sugar hit. But doing this whilst trying to maintain a decent diet can be hard. So below I've compiled a list of my favourite go to snacks. They are all gluten and dairy free and are vegan! I've added the links to where to buy them and my recipes all below too.

1. Nakd Bars 
If you follow me on Twitter, you'll constantly see me tweeting about my new favourite flavour. They are all amazingly good so i can't decide! Nakd bars and nibbles are made of 100% good stuff, mainly dates and cashews squished together with magical flavours. If you like cherry bakewells you should definitely try these. They are amazingly good and a healthier alternative to cake! 

2. Banana and Almond butter. 
Almond butter and banana are a match made in heaven! The sweetness of the banana and the nutty butter compliment each other perfectly! I've found that my favourite almond butter is Meridian. And they now have an almond and coconut version which is equally as awesome on banana. 

3. Trek bars. 
If you like to exercise then trek bars are perfect for a boost of good stuff and have a load of protein in them. I always have one as my pre workout snack about an hour before and they keep me energised until I get home! 
There are two different kinds of trek bars, one being the flapjack, and the other being the energy bar. Both are equally as good for pre and post workout. 

4. Almond Butter Flapjacks. 
These are a recipe of my own and came about because I kept buying gluten free flapjacks (full of sugar and additives) and spreading almond butter on them. 
This recipe contains everything you should have in your cupboards. It's literally just oats, bananas, almond butter (or any nut butter) date syrup and flaxseed. They are amazing I promise you'll love them! 

5. Waffles. 
Another of my own recipe. I recently invested in a waffle maker after seeing too many photos of them on insta. I had to get involved and it was the best investment I've made in a long time! The batter is super easy to make and you can top them with anything! I usually go for either a nut butter, date syrup and chuck whatever fruit I have in the fridge on top. Perfect little treat! 

6. Dates. 
Before becoming gluten and dairy free I used to eat a bar of dairy milk a day! So cutting them out was one of the hardest things I've had to do! The sugar cravings were the worst to overcome but dates were the perfect substitute. Although they contain a lot of sugar, they're natural sugars so i don't mind having a handful of them when the sugar craving hits. 

7. Bounce Balls. 
My ultimate snack for when I go on holiday. They're great just to shove in my case and pop in my bag when I go out for the day. Or alternatively, they are great for a pre or post workout snack. They are basically energy balls made up of nuts oats and seeds, and are full of fibre and protein. 

8. Bioglan Raw Bites. 

These are amazing! I found these in Holland and Barratt a few weeks back and they're so tasty! The little bites are perfect to snack on throughout the day and contain 2 servings of superfoods. Raw bites are also free from refined sugars and contain 100% natural ingredients! 

Love Lucy xoxo 

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