My Gluten Free Journey...

Seeing as its Coeliac Awareness week, I thought it would be an appropriate time to share my story on why I became Gluten Free.
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It was about 18 months ago now, my health started to rapidly go down hill. It felt like someone had just turned a switch off in my body and all of a sudden my body rejected everything I fed it. My diet used to consist of cereal for breakfast, another cereal bar as a snack, pasta for lunch and then some form of quick food for dinner, usually along the lines of pizza or bread with something. I know my eating habits weren't the best but I still couldn't understand why I felt so rubbish all the time. 

It became a daily struggle to get out of bed in the morning, my fatigue became unbearable throughout the day, sometime I even had to leave work early because I just felt exhausted. This was really confusing for me because I am an accountant so I don't exactly have an active job. 
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I also had a horrible stomach consisting of bloating, noisy stomach, stomach cramps and vomiting. It got so bad that I avoided going out incase I would feel ill whilst out and not be able to come home in time. I hated how anti social my life became but I was just physically too tired and worried to go out.

Enough was enough when I went out for a meal to Nandos for a work friend who was leaving. I love Nandos and I'd ordered a Chicken Pitta, Corn on the Cob and Chips, which was standard for me. Before we got there my stomach had bloated that much I had to undo my trousers, and this was before I'd eaten anything!! I managed two bites of my food before admitting defeat and admitting I needed to see a doctor about this.

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So at the doctors I explained all of the symptoms to him in thorough detail but all he gave me was some anti acid tablets for the bloating and told me I had IBS and there was no cure. 
I decided to keep a food diary to write down what I ate, when I ate it, how I felt after and any other symptoms I had. After a month of getting no better, I took my food diary back to see a different doctor, who told me that I should try to cut out gluten for a few weeks to see if that would improve it, then come back in a few weeks for a review.

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Amazingly, a few days after cutting out gluten I felt so much better!! I managed to keep food down, my bloated stomach was shrinking and I had so much more energy! I couldn't quite believe it. But I decided to try and eat a slice of toast a test out the theory. I felt my stomach cramp a few moments after and felt terrible for the rest of the day. I made a decision to cut out Gluten from my diet completely. 

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I am not officially diagnosed with Coeliac Disease but one day in the future I will take that step to finding out. But for now I am happy the way I am and I will always support Coeliac UK. I think the work they do to help people find places to eat, the directory and their app are all amazing. Keep up the good work!! 

Love Lucy xoxo

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