5 Ways to Sleep Better Tonight

  1. Have a hot bath - Your body temperature dips when you go to sleep, and throughout the night, so if you raise your body temperature while you soak in the bath, then when it drops back down again, it relaxes your body and puts you in a deeper sleep. 
  2. Drink some Camomile Tea - According to researchers, Camomile increases glycine in the body, which is proven to help nerves and muscles. It is also used a very mild sedative.                                               
  3. Turn of electronic devices - Lit screens are stimulants for your mind, keeping them active long after you turned them off. Try and turn them off at least an hour before bedtime, and swap them for a book in another place other than your bed. 
  4. Wear socks to bed - Now this sounds like a strange one, but professors have found that wearing socks to bed help to improve circulation in your feet which can help you fall asleep quicker.                          
  5. Limit caffeine - Drinking caffeine can cause problems up to 10 hours after drinking it, so swap your after dinner coffee for a natural green tea. 

Love Lucy xoxo

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