5 emotional stages of being glutened.

It's happened to us all at one point or another after being diagnosed. Whether its due to yourself being lazy and not checking a packet or going out to a restaurant and they are not as careful as they should be, being glutened is not a pleasant experience!

I was glutened last week due to a restaurant not cooking my meal separately from everyone else, which was not fun seeing as that was on the first day of my week off work! But now a week later I'm starting to improve and am feeling normal again! (Thankfully!)

So this is the list of the stages that I went through and I imagine the feeling is mutual with some of you as well!

  1. Confusion - We all know the signs, rumbly tummy, nausea, a sudden urge to head to the bathroom, but how did this happen?! I've been so careful?! 
  2. Worry -  Oh My God. Am I ever going to get better?! Will I this pain ever stop?! Am I going to be able to get up and go outside today?! It's a reel of never ending questions! 
  3. Sadness - You start to get upset, you've been so careful and checked the back of every packet, so you start to get emotional and upset, you may even cry a little bit. 
  4. Anger - Who is responsible for this?! You look to the people who gave you the food and send an angry email to make yourself feel better! 
  5. Acceptance - Now that you have gone through the emotional turmoil, you will learn from the mistake (If it was your mistake) or learn that the restaurant or food that you bought is now not suitable or extra checks need to be made next time.

Love Lucy xoxo

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