Tesco's New and Improved Free From Range

Tesco have always, in my opinion, been ahead of the other supermarkets with their Free From Range. But they've now stepped it up another gear by making their range bigger and introducing more brands into their stores.

So I naturally had to pop in to take a look. Here are some of the new products I found that caught my eye:

Special Flakes: Basically Tesco's version of Special K. I used to live off Special K for breakfasts in the morning, so this was really nice to see on the shelves. I like that the flakes are quite sturdy when you put the milk in, so no more soggy cereal!

 Pastas: There was a whole section just on Pastas and Sauces. I found Red Lentil Pasta, Green Pea Pasta and Gnocchi. And there is a massive selection of sauces, so we don't have to miss out on anything!

Nachos: I tried these at the Allergy Show so knew they had to go straight into my basket! Being Dairy free is super difficult when you fancy some cheesy nachos, so grab some of these, and some dairy free cheese and your set! 

Cake Mixes: Gluten and Dairy free baking ingredients can add up to quite an expensive cake, but these mixes are already measured out for you. And at only £1.70 each, they're a bargain! 

 Cereals: I was really impressed with the amount of cereals that are available now. I also loved that a lot of the cereals are aimed at kids, such as Choco Snaps (Coco Pops), Honey Loops and Choco Nut Pillows (Crave).

 Genius Toastie Loaf: There is so much hype over this bread on social media. I obviously I had to buy it. I was so gutted to turn up and find the shelf empty and sold out, but luckily my mum spotted one right at the top so between me climbing the shelves and her boosting me up I was really hoping it would be worth the effort. And it is! I'm actually really impressed with it, although I think it wouldn't be great as a sandwich so stick to toasting it. (maybe the name gives that one away!)

Bagels: The people at Genius have been busy! Not only have they brought out a new loaf of bread, but they've also created some yummy bagels for us! Plain and Cinnamon and Raisin flavours. I'm super excited to try these out, if they're anything like their new loaf, then we are in for a treat!

Wraps: B Free showcased their new Sweet Potato wraps at the Allergy show so I already know that these are amazing, but it's really nice to know that they are now in the shops! They are perfect for a lunchtime treat and aren't dry and chewy like other Gluten Free Wraps around.

So, that was my little selection of the new products available in  Tesco. What an exciting time to be Gluten Free! Who says we have to miss out on anything!!

Love Lucy xoxo


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  2. My kids were diagnosed with gluten and dairy intolerances when they were just around 1 year old. This is 25 years ago and how difficult was it then to follow such a diet. The product range was extremely limited and only available in healthfood shops at horrendous prices. The taste was horrible abd the pasta then not edible. How easy has it become within these 25 years to follow this diet! Thank you Tesaco and all the other supermarkets for their ever extended range and improvement of recipes ��

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