Should you have to specify Gluten Free everytime?

So yesterday I dropped my baby sister off at university, it was an emotional day.

Me and my mum decided to stop off at a pub on the way home, so obviously when we sat down I asked for an allergen menu. The Menu had 2 pages of 'Non Gluten Containing Ingredient' meals.

Now to me that would indicate that the meal is completely Gluten Free and therefore, safe to eat.

I decided to have a Chicken and Bacon Salad. It was lovely, but as soon as I got back into the car on the way home, I started to feel uncomfortable, and my stomach was making all kinds of noises.

After the hour drive, I headed straight to bed, I felt nauseous, tired and had awful stomach cramps. Basically all of the symptoms of being glutened.

It wasn't fun. So my question to you is, Should we have to specify that we need a Gluten Free meal, even though it says there are no other Gluten Containing ingredients?? 

Love Lucy xoxo

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