Asda Free From Christmas Finds!

I don't know about you but I've been excited for Christmas since about September! So I love it that supermarkets are as keen as I am! 

Being Free From Gluten and Dairy doesn't mean we have to miss out on any of the yummy treats though... I visited Asda last week and found lots of different Christmas goodies!

I remember I had these last year and they were amazing! They are soft and chocolatey and I love the essence of orange powering through, reminds me of a certain Chocolate Orange I used to devour at this time of year! 

Gingerbread is a must at Christmas. And these little Gingerbread Santas' are super cute. I'm not sure if they're meant to be aimed at children but I love them anyway! 

It is my mission this year to create a Gingerbread house. I've wanted to make one for years now but never really had the means to do so... But this little kit is great, all you have to do is add Syrup, Eggs and Butter (Which you can make dairy free).

I was so happy when I discovered a Gluten and Dairy free Selection box. They are a tradition in my house and I hate missing out on things, so this went straight in my basket!

Yule Log cake, another Christmas Classic! Now this one does also contain Dairy, so be aware! 

Another of my favourites for Christmas (Can you tell they're all cake?!) Iced Christmas cake is a my favourite little winter treat with a cup of Mulled fruit tea. 

What is Christmas without Mince Pies?! That's all that needs to be said here... 

I remember these being a tradition at Christmas with me and my sisters, and even at 24 I plan on keeping the tradition going! Gluten, Wheat and Dairy free, so suitable for everyone. 

And the grand finale... A Gluten, Wheat and Dairy free Christmas Pudding. The perfect way to end your turkey dinner!

So that was just a few of the treats that I found in Asda... Hopefully they can follow it up with some more Gluten and Dairy Free Party food so we're not just full of cake and chocolate!

Love Lucy xoxo

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