Acid Reflux: Foods to avoid

So this week I've had terrible tummy troubles. Mainly in the name of Acid Reflux. For 2 days I couldn't stomach any food, my stomach felt full and burning, I felt nauseated and I could have slept for hours.

It really is a terrible feeling, I just felt like I wanted to cry, especially because I couldn't eat, I love food and eating is my hobby! 

This could be because of the Christmas period, aka hundreds of mince pies, chocolates, alcohol etc etc... Plus the endless amount of lying down and lazy days! 

For those that don't know, Acid Reflux occurs when the the acid in your stomach rise into your esophagus. You feel a burning sensation in your stomach and have a strange metallic taste in your mouth and at the back of the throat.

So, after some research, (Online and through my own experiments), I have formed a list of food which should be avoided if you suffer from Acid Reflux or GERD.

  1. Coffee - I love coffee, the caffeine hit in the morning is perfect for those long days. But, it is one of the worst culprits for setting off reflux. Try and stick to Green or Herbal Teas instead.
  2. Chocolate - Noooooo! I hear you. Chocolate is the best treat when you've had a bad day, feeling a bit down, or just fancy something sweet. But this little sweet treat seems to cause more reflux than anything. This is due to it containing caffeine and because cocoa is an acidic substance. Try to consume fruit instead for that sugar hit. 
  3. Spicy Foods - Or the devil of the reflux world. They are a main trigger for many people because the spices irritate the wall of the esophagus If you love spices try a trial and error test to see which ones your body can withstand.

  4. Alcohol - We know alcohol is bad for you. But not all alcohol is to be avoided to help reflux symptoms. Many different studies have been carried out on wine to try and establish which is the best, but the general consensus is to steer clear (Or just stick to one!) Beer is the main culprit so if you can stay away, it would be best. However, Spirits are still not great but as long as you don't mix them with any acidic juices, then you should be okay! 
  5. Fried Food - Anything fried contains a high fat content which is an issue for your heart causing chest pain from esophageal reflux. So it's best to just avoid! 

Love Lucy xoxo

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