Ethos Restaurant

So a few weeks ago I visited London with James for my Birthday/Christmas/Valentines present. He was treating me to see Strictly come dancing live. Honestly, if you are a fan of the show you should go! I absolutely loved it!

We travelled down to London on the Saturday morning and arrived to our apartment at about 12.30pm. Our apartment was absolutely gorgeous! Just by the river in Canary Wharf with a view overlooking the Billingham fish market... Not the best sight or smell in the morning but once you looked beyond that it was lovely!

For our lunch that day we visited my absolute favourite place in London...Beyond Bread! For those of you who don't know, beyond bread is an entirely gluten free bakery in the centre of London and it sells breakfasts, baguettes, bread for you to take home and sweet treats.
My favourite there is the Mexican Bandit Baguette. It is amazing, filled with spicy chicken, tomatoes, avocado and lettuce. James had the moody cow baguette which was beef and gherkins, and I swear within 30 seconds, it was gone!

I have now taken two people there who eat gluten and they said that the baguettes there were so good they couldn't tell they were gluten free!

Because that day was the coldest day ever (it snowed and everything!) we decided to head to waitrose which was literally round the corner from where we were staying and use the apartment kitchenette to create our own homemade nandos. It couldn't have been simpler. We fried the chicken strips in a pan until they were cooked through, we bought spicy Mexican rice so that went in the microwave and I grilled some veggies. then covered it in nandos sauce. I'll admit it wasn't the same as an actual nandos but it was near as damn it!

On the Sunday I had reserved us a table at Ethos restaurant. Ethos is an all vegetarian restaurant which serves brunch, and for the rest of the day there is an area of the best looking food you can imagine and you simply fill up you plate and pay for the weight. Now we were only there for brunch but I could have easily gone back for lunch!

Brunch for me consisted of Gluten free porridge oats, almond milk and a banana, walnut and chocolate topping. Simply amazing. James had poached eggs on toast with avocado, and as a test I ordered him gluten free bread. He did not believe me when I told him. the bread there is super soft and super tasty!

The only thing I picked up there was when I ordered a cup of tea, they literally bought me a cup with water and a tea bag... No spoon, no sugar, no milk. I asked for some milk, the waitress was okay with that, then when I asked for some sugar, she looked a little bit annoyed if i'm honest... So advice, if you order tea, make it clear you want milk and sugar with it! 

I couldn't resist looking at the lunch time food selection while I was there. They serve amazing dishes such as; potatoes stuffed with artichokes and cheese, vegan shepherds pie, bean chilli, sweet potato, hummus and baba ganoush. (All GF)

The sweet section in the restaurant was laid out like a buffet style. There was a huge selection of sweet treats, such as raspberry bake well, cherry frangipan, protein bars and macaroons, all gluten free and a lot of them were dairy free too!

Overall, I would recommend Ethos to anyone, whether you are gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian or a meat eater. It is a beautiful place and the food is fresh and super tasty.

Love Lucy xox

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