Handmade Burger Review.

I find myself in Birmingham a hell of a lot at the moment. I attend university there and now have a job there. So after a late night at the office I need feeding and Handmade Burger have 3 restaurants on my way back!!

Last week I visited the restaurant at Grand Central station with my family. The assistant manager seated us to our table and was explaining how things have now changed…

They now offer table service, which is lovely. Saves you having to get up and it gives a more personal touch which I liked.

However, there are now no refillable drinks on offer, only bottles. Now I know I’m a student and I’m going to sound like I'm moaning but the price of the drinks are quite steep for the little bottle…

I absolutely adore this place. If you are gluten intolerant or coeliac then this is the perfect place. They are certified by the Coeliac UK charity meaning that you have that lovely feeling of safety and you are able to relax knowing that you will not be glutened.

The gluten free menu is fantastic. If you compare it to the ‘normal’ menu, then you will struggle to find items on there that aren’t made gluten free. Which makes a nice change to salads and jacket potatoes! 
If you haven’t tried it then what sort of human are you?! 

I ordered the chicken burger with peanut butter and bacon. I can hear you now, peanut butter and bacon, what a weird combination… But it works people, it really really works! The gluten free buns are lovely, they come in their own packet so you know that they are free from contamination!

This time though I didn’t have a bun, I swapped mine for coleslaw. My IBS has been playing up recently so the carbohydrates in my diet have been significantly cut down… Anyway, the coleslaw is lovely, but the ratio of slaw to mayonnaise is not high enough in my opinion. So, handmade burger if your reading this can you help me out with some more mayo?!

As always, the staff were lovely, although we did have 3 different people serving us – that’s probably to keep up efficiently but I would’ve preferred a more personal approach (Might just be me!). I love being a student now because you can get a massive student discount in the week!

I’ll definitely be back, until next time Handmade! 

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