Things you should know about me!

Hi guys, 

I've been working really hard for the past few months on my university course, my new job and renaming and redesigning my blog! The reason I have re-branded is so that I can make my blog more personal and hopefully it will become more relatable for you! So I thought I would do a little introduction post so you could get to know me a little better! 

  1. Nutrition Student – I haven’t always been interested in nutrition. If I met my old self now I would hate her. I used to hate anything related to nutrition and tried all the fad diets out there! It wasn’t until I found out I was gluten and lactose intolerant that I started to research nutrition and really care for my body.

  1. London – I think most people love London. But I actually lived there for a year and it was just the best. I love how vibrant and alive the city is all of the time. I love how you can always find something interesting to do. And I love how diverse the city is, you’ll never find anything better than London. I can’t wait to finish my degree and head back down there.
  2. My Dog – I have a little Yorkshire Terrier called Cleo. If you follow me on Instagram you will see me constantly posting insta stories of her everyday! I did own two dogs, but sadly little Tia passed away at the start of the year!
  3.  Peanut Butter – Honestly I literally love the stuff. I put it on everything, even my vegetables. I know it’s a really clich√© thing for a food blogger to like, but I can’t help it. Cashew butter is a close second!
  4. Accountant – I am a fully qualified accountant. I completed my qualifications before I fell ill and for a while I enjoyed it, but eventually I realised it’s really not my love and I just don’t have the passion for it.
  5. Heritage – A while ago a family member of mine  went online and found out our family tree, which I found so interesting. My family are part Spanish, German, Scottish, Indian and English which is amazing, I only class as a small percentage of these but it’s still interesting to know I am a little bit different! 
  6. Anxiety – I mainly suffer with social anxiety, but I am anxious if I am ever put in different situations, new places, new people etc. At first it was really strange for me to accept it because since leaving school I became really confident and outgoing. But for the past few months it has developed. I am trying so hard to get myself out of the rut that I was in before and if I am feeling down or anxious I have a great support network around me to help me out. 
  7. Fitness – I struggle with this a lot. I go through periods of my life when weeks go by and I have barely had time to see my family, let alone visit the gym. Then I have weeks on end free and go everyday to make up for it. This is not healthy! I now make sure that I take at least an hour out about 3/4 times a week to either go to the gym, walk the dog or do a simple workout at home. Exercise has always been my downfall and I have never been a ‘fit’ person, I am simply trying to be healthy.

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