Gluten Free In Brighton

I visited Brighton for a few days through work for the NUS Conference. I love to visit new cities and Brighton was on my must visit list after I'd heard so much, through social media, about how amazing the gluten free selection is in virtually the whole city!

When I arrived, I posted to the Twitter family for suggestions and omg I was absolutely bombarded with suggestions and tips where to visit, its literally insane how many places there are! Simply walking down from our hotel to the conference we were attending, I managed to find at least 6 independent cafes which had gluten free options in the window (Always a good sign)

The first little discovery I made was Nu Posto. This is an adorable little Italian restaurant right near the seafront which offers a range of homemade pizzas and pastas. And on the menu, is a gluten free based pizza with vegan cheese and it’s not very often you get both in one restaurant!

Obviously, I ordered the gluten free base with vegan cheese and topped with mushrooms and olives (which I have finally decided I do not like so I picked them off). The dough tasted amazing, I don’t think |I actually stopped to breathe whilst eating this. I did stop and question whether it was the right base because it was so soft and like regular dough!

Highly highly recommend a visit!

Obviously being near the seaside I wanted to try some fish and chips so I went to twitter to ask. 

Someone suggested if I went to the main fish and chips restaurant on the pier called Palm Court, but when I got there and ordered the gluten free cod, with salad (I have a bad reaction to chips) this is what came out... 

I must have misheard the woman when I ordered because I was expecting gluten free batter around a lovely piece of fish. Instead I got a baked piece of naked fish... It was a lovely piece of fish and a nice light lunch! 
But if anyone knows anywhere in Brighton which actually sells fish in gluten free batter, please let me know for next time!

On my little trip I also visited a cute little Ask Italian restaurant. I've visited one of these before so i knew i would be able to get a great selection of gluten free food. 

The menu is full of Italian starters (Olives, nuts, mozzarella etc) pizza and pasta. Because I ate pizza the day before I tried the gluten free pasta which I have tried before so I knew I wouldn't be disappointed, and I was not!

The pasta is lovely and fresh and I would recommend trying the fresh peppermint tea, its delicious!

One night we didn't finish until really late so I wanted something really quick and tasty. Where else is there to go other than Nandos?! 

I had my usual; chicken breast, coleslaw and spicy rice. Can never go wrong! I have one question though, why is it called a cheeky nandos?!

I also managed to visit Bagelman for lunch one day, but forgot to take a photo. Now Bagelman obviously specialises in bagels. Unfortunately they don't offer gluten free bagels at this time but they are so lovely and have gluten free bread to make you an amazing sandwich. 

Honestly though, there are so many different little cafes and places to eat that are gluten free in Brighton, so you have to go at least once to experience being able to go out and eat with ease! 

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