May's Favourites

Here are some of the little things I've managed to find throughout May!

(All of them are Gluten free and Dairy Free!)

I found these by total accident. I was walking from the train station in Birmingham to go to work and there was an Alpro stand outside the Tesco giving these out for free! Such a bonus to a rainy morning!
Anyway, these are a thick creamy dessert layered on top of strawberries and raspberries. They contain a high amount of protein, all from natural sources and they are low in fat.
I have had the mango flavour of these before and found the mango to be too sour compared to the yoghurt. But this is a really good blend of sweetness!

The wonderful people at Tesco released a huge range of cheeses. A vegan range which is made from coconut oil. And cheeses made from Cow's Milk but with the lactose removed. Now I am not massively sensitive to the cows milk so gave the mozzarella a go and was so impressed!

(I wrote a blog post about both ranges of cheeses here

I literally bought this because I had a really low level of sugar in my body and started feeling a bit funny and this was a nice sized treat to eat on my way home. I was so disappointed when I finished the bar though. These little bars are raspberry flavoured marshmallow covered in 70% dark chocolate. They are so nice I am literally obsessed! I've only found them in Sainsburys so far so go and get one!

ALERT: I have finally found a pudding suitable for gluten free, dairy free and vegans in a normal cheap pub!! I was so amazed. I visit the Hungry Horse every few weeks when I visit my Nan and we love the food in there. We usually have dinner then buy some pudding to have at home. But then we found this on the menu and I had to try it! (For research purposes obvs!)
This is a rich chocolate and coconut milk torte which has a nutty base and is served with vegan vanilla ice cream. It tastes like chocolate fudge! Just to warn you though, if you do eat the entire thing in about 5 minutes because your that excited then prepared to feel sick for the rest of the day because it's really rich!

This is my non food related find of the month!
I've been a fan of Forever Living for a few years now. The aloe vera juice restored my stomach back to a normal state after I was diagnosed with gluten/dairy intolerance, IBS and Acid reflux.
So obviously I read the reviews on the deodorant and had to try it out!
It is a stick deodorant so dries almost instantly and lasts all day! It contains only natural ingredients and it is really soothing. At £6.31 it may seem a lot for a deodorant but it is a good investment as it lasts for months and months!

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