FloVibe Festival

So what is FloVibe?

A weekend to dip into yoga masterclasses, dance and movement workshops, lakeside revelry and treatments in the woods. When twilight comes, get your groove on and let your spirit soar to spellbinding musicians and international DJs.

Flovibe promised to offer yoga, workshops, talks, DJ's, glamping, massages, cocktail bars, food and glamping. 

And it certainly delivered!

We arrived on Friday afternoon, unfortunately the weather wasn't the best but we managed to get our tent up with no issue (surprisingly) 

It was so nice living in a tent for 3 days. Really getting back to basics and just appreciating what was around me rather than finding myself glued to my phone for god knows how many hours a day! 


There were so many classes on throughout the entire weekend. My particular favourites were:

Flow like water - This was a yoga class taught by Niki Perry. I was a little bit a of a novice compared to a lot of people in the class but that didn't matter. She made sure that everyone felt comfortable and not pressured to push themselves too much! Perfect start to a Saturday morning. 

Vinyasa Flow - Ben Harrison held an hour long flow class on a Sunday morning. It was a faster paced class than what I am used to but I loved it! He spoke so so fast but I managed to keep up! He had a really funny side which helped to make the class light hearted which helped in the sunny setting! 

Core Belief - This was a tough class. But I felt so good after! A warm up with resistance bands by Bandforce followed by a pilates style ab workout by MyPilates London using some portable pilates machines.This was probably my favourite class!

Meditation - I attended two different meditation classes, one on Saturday morning and one on Sunday morning. I found that they were a really good way to start both of the days, helping me to feel a lot more aware and relaxed. Jacqui MacDonald took both of the sessions. The first was called 'Awakening the Senses'. I really loved this because it made me focus on everything around and not take things for granted. The second session was called 'Global Love'. Simply spreading good vibes around whilst sitting in the sunshine. 

Bhangra Bus - An american bus that you can order curry from and sit inside to eat! I actually ate here on both the Friday and the Saturday because I loved it that much. The curries changed slightly over the three days as well which was nice! My favourite though was the Channa Masala which contained chickpeas and a spicy sauce, served with rice, mango chutney and dhal!

Burger Theory -  Usually burger vans that have a sign saying 'Gluten free options available' mean that you can have the burger without the bun and with salad... But Burger theory had gluten free buns!! And they made some chips separate for me to get rid of the cross contamination issue! Such lovely people and really knowledgeable! I had the Spanish Farmer burger (Burger, chorizo, red pepper and chilli mayo!) And I forgot to take a photo of the actual burger because I ate it too quick!

Mani Life - A stand that lets you try peanut butter samples all weekend?! Amazing. The deep roast nut butter is possibly one of the best I have ever tried. So smooth and creamy, and they come in 1kg tubs!

The Hazlebury Kitchen - They had a stall of brownies, cheesecakes and banana bread topped with peanut butter. And the best part was they were all gluten free, dairy free, vegan and plant based. I bought the lemon cheesecake and it was so nice! I wish I'd bought the whole cake!

Prosecco Bar - This is always a good idea. The menu consisted of white and pink prosecco and you get the option to add in a syrup. I added a rhubarb syrup to pink prosecco, it was delish! Lovely to sit in the sun on deck chairs whilst having a little tipple!

In-Sync Diet - I actually really enjoyed this talk. Glynis Barber and Fleur Borelli spoke to us about their diet. Glynis is an actress who went to Nutritional Therapist Fleur to help sort her diet and lifestyle out and they came up with a new way of eating. There were parts I did not agree with (That's just me being critical though) but I really enjoyed their talk and particularly that Fleur was there to back up all of their findings with scientific evidence.

Bio-Breakthrough Way - This was a really interesting talk all about connecting science and your subconcious together. The aim is to wire the brain and understand why you mess up your life. We participated in some meditation like activities and some people connected and it really made a difference to them. Nick Jankel is a really interesting and amazing smart man, but unfortunately it was not for me.


  1. I would like a bigger variety of food stands. There didn't seem to be many places you could have breakfast or lunches. 
  2. Wider variety of classes - there were HIIT, pilates and yoga, but maybe next year add in some boxercise or more cardio classes?
  3. Maps and Timetable - There needs to be a paper copy of a map and classes timetable. I missed a few classes I wanted to go to because I didn't have the schedule.
  4. Some of the classes (Especially on the Sunday) were randomly cancelled. I was really disappointed by this!

Overall, I had a fantastic weekend. I feel refreshed, relaxed and a little bit stronger! The setting was absolutely beautiful. Kelmarsh Hall is an idyllic setting and all of the greenery around just creates the perfect setting. I will definitely be going back next year! 

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