My first year at University

Many of you know, I left my full time job as an accountant to go back to university. This decision came about when I realised I was bored of my job. I adored the people I worked with but I was struggling to pull myself out of bed every morning to go to work.

My first week at uni was very strange to say the least. I had to walk into a classroom and enrol onto my course, then listen to a talk about what we would be learning and getting up to. During the first week you are thrown so much information, invited to so many different parties, you speak to so many different people your not sure what your own name is at the end of it all!

I found that because I came to university at 23 instead of 18, I wasn't as interested in freshers events and drinking than if I would have come 5 years previously. I quit my job because I wanted to go and change my career and I just wanted to focus on learning and developing my skills (This makes me sound so old!)

Meeting new people is a huge part of university! That was made a lot easier purely because we have a freshers group on Facebook which helped some people on my course to get to know each other and plan a pre-semester meet up. I would say that helped a lot, just being able to put some faces to names and knowing that they are all as nervous as you! 

However, it was not a completely positive experience for me. I found that my anxieties began to creep in a hell of a lot during my first few weeks of study. Going to a new place, new people, a new topic, new stresses. They all got on top of me. I had a part time job at the time but I got to the point when I just couldn't get myself up to go there so I had to quit. And it took me a few months to realise that that is okay! 

Although, I made some amazing friends and spoke to them about it. Amazingly they were in the same boat as me! Which proves that if you are struggling you should talk to others (As hard as that may be) If they're good friends then they will want to help and support you and get you through it. 

Plus your all at university together, you are there to help and support each other! 

My advice for your first year?

  1. Make sure you go to at least one social event just to get to know a few people. even if that is a course meet up. 
  2. Make friends with your tutors. Trust me this is important. They will be with you for 3/4 years and will write your references for jobs. Make sure you are memorable and nice to them! 
  3. Don't make any stupid drunken mistakes in Freshers. Trust me people will remember them forever! 
  4. Keep on top of your work. I know its a student tradition to leave your work until the last minute, but if you get all of your work done a few weeks before you get to walk around gloating that you have all this free time! 
  5. Don't spend all of your money in the first few weeks! It's tempting to go shopping and splash the cash but you still need to survive 3 months after that! 
  6. Get a part time job. It will really benefit you. Work experience, extra money and you get new friends. 
  7. Go to freshers fayre! You get to chat to all of the different societies (Don't feel pressured to sign up to them all!) and you get companies who give away so many different freebies! 

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