So tonight we went on a spontaneous date night and decided to try Chiquitos for the first time. I have heard so many good things about the food and the gluten free choices. 
Walking in though I did think it was a bit cold in the restaurant, it might just be the Coventry branch but I had to sit with my jacket on the whole time. 

The staff there were really lovely, nothing seemed too much trouble for them, even when I asked for a gluten free menu and made alterations to my food! There was a wide variety of choices on the menu: Tex Mex, Fajitas, Burgers (Naked, not what I class as a burger but an option), Mexican, Paella, etc etc. 

I ordered the steak fajitas and they came out with 6 mini corn tortillas, guacamole, cheese (obviously I didn't eat this bit), salsa, peppers and onions. 

The corn tortillas were really soft and tasty. Not like the standard gluten free wraps where they are dry and fall apart as soon as you fold them. The steak was really tasty and full of flavour, not chewy at all which is always nice. My only complaint is that there is far too many onions served with this. I swear a whole onion was sliced and on my skillet, then the rest was chopped and put into the guac and the salsa. Now for any normal person that is a lot of onion! 

 Thanks Chiquitos, I will definitely be coming back to try out the rest of the menu! (And sample all of the cocktails!) 

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