July and August Favourites

So I was a bad blogger last month and forgot to post about my favourites. Well I didn't forget, I just had a million things to do and my organisational skills just went out the window. So this month I am putting them both together instead!

Okay so this isn't a new thing for me, I have eaten Pip's little sachets of nut butters so many times. but I went to Holland and Barratt and found a 1kg tub which was only £6.99! It hasn't lasted me as long as I would've hoped (but when does it ever!). I particularly like this one because there wasn't a massive oil separation on the top and the added sea salt gives it a really nice taste!

I joined the 'Living Consciously' group on Facebook and it has made me so much more aware about how little things can affect the environment. Coffee cups being one of those! Coffee cups fused with polyethylene to make them waterproof and this cannot be separated in UK recycling mills. And considering over 2.5 billion cups are purchased and thrown away each year, this can make a massive difference.

I made the mistake of going to the gym after a light breakfast and then going shopping straight after. So obviously a trip to Holland and Barratt was on the cards. I found these Cherry and Almond protein balls were amazing and filled me up for my shopping trip. They are full of egg white protein but there are other flavours which have Whey protein added.

The gluten free menu at Chiquitos is amazing. There are things like steaks and chicken on there but I couldn't resist trying the Steak Fajitas! So tasty. I actually wrote a whole blogpost about my trip here:

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