Pieminister Review

I've been working so much at the moment, if I'm not prepped then I'm struggling finding decent nutritious food. And because of my busy schedule I've been struggling to find the time to cook and because I've been working in Birmingham, I've made a list of places I want to test out! 

The first one was Pieminister 

On the menu was Gluten Free Peroni! 

I haven't had beer in such a long time and I've been dying to find somewhere that sells it. The beer itself had such a nice taste and I really enjoyed it. However, it was nearly £5 a bottle which was a bit steep for a small bottle!  

We decided to have starters and settled on (Look away vegans) the pigs in blankets and pork scratchings with apple sauce. It was so so good and a real treat! The pigs in blankets were cooked in honey, mustard and thyme so had a lovely taste, and the pork scratchings were perfectly crunchy! 

The actual pie!
Disclaimer: I made a mistake with this pie. I did not check if it contained dairy, I just got carried away with the fact that I had found gluten free pie (And I was a little sleep deprived and forgot to ask!). I suffered later on for this but it was so worth it! 

Okay, so I ordered the Moo pie which consisted of British beef steak and gluten free craft ale. I ordered it with the chilli peas and gravy. 

It tasted amazing! There were actual chunks of meat in it and the flavour of the actual pie was lovely. The pastry was really buttery (Probably because of the dairy) and held together really well.

I would really recommend taking a trip to Pieminister. Hopefully one day they will venture into making a dairy free version. But for now, I will probably go back but take some lactaze tablets with me!

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