Christmas Finds: Costa

Costa has pulled out the stops this year for:

Gluten Free, Dairy Free & Vegans!

Here is the list of snacks they have to offer this year (All gluten, dairy free and suitable for vegans)

Mince Tart!

This is super exciting because its rare you are able to find a free from mince pie when you go out for a coffee. Its a bit larger than a normal mince pie which is always a bonus, so you could share it with a friend (could!). The pastry is nice and crisp and surprisingly it holds together really well. The fruit inside is lovely and juicy with a nice hint of Christmas spices! 

Christmas Cake Slice! 

These are sold in supermarkets in packs of 5/6. But sometimes you just fancy just one slice with a nice hot chocolate, and this is the perfect treat! Jam packed full of fruit and with a nice slab of icing on top, what more could you want?!

Rhythm 108 - Oh La La Tea Biscuits!

These little grab and go biscuit packs come in either Chocolate Hazelnut or Lemon and Ginger flavour. I love that on the front on the packet it gives you a list of all of the ingredients so you are reassured that no rubbish has gone into them! 


Costa are also famous for their amazing Christmas flavoured drinks this time of the year, and they have not disappointed! If you order any of these with Soya milk they will be be okay for dairy free and vegans. 

I emailed Costa about which drinks could be made Gluten free and here is the response:

"Our Black Forest Hot Chocolate is gluten free. 
Our Mint Hot Chocolate can be made gluten free without the green crumbs.
Our Gingerbread Latte can be made gluten free without the Red Berry Crumb and the mini gingerbread man.
Our Honeycomb Latte can be made gluten free by ordering it without honeycomb pieces.
Our Salted Caramel Cappuccino is gluten free. 
Our Black Forest Frostino is gluten free. 
Our Billionaire Latte, Frostino and Hot Choc can be made gluten free without the golden crumb
Our Spiced Apple is gluten free.  
Our Lindt Hot Chocolate is gluten free."

Sadly though, this year they are not selling the Gluten and Dairy free Christmas Wrap, which is disappointing! 

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