Christmas Finds: Tesco

I don't know about you, but I'm getting super excited about Christmas! 

Here are all of the Gluten, Wheat and Dairy Free items I have managed to find in Tesco!

Cherry Sponge Pudding 

If you're not a fan of Christmas pudding but still want a cake on Christmas day then this could be the one for you! 

Iced Fruit Cake Slices

I love these so much, I share them with my Mum and my Nan and they can't even tell the difference! The thick icing layers on top of the juicy fruity cake,

Deep Filled Mince Pies

Every year I buy Mince pies. And these do not disappoint. Because there is only me and my mum in my house that like mince pies, this is the idea sized packet for us. The filling is always juicy and yummy. 

Spiced Pear Pies

If you're not a fan of the mince pie filling, then these could be for you. The spices involved mean that there is still a christmassy taste to them but just a different fruit. 

Chocolate Coins

When I was little we always used to have a bag of these on the tree to pick at throughout December. Now though I get my own packet and can once again join in with the traditional! 

Chocolate Selection Box

Perfect if you have children. These are free from gluten, wheat and milk so will suit almost everyone! I actually bought this for myself and I really liked the chocolate and crispy bar dipped in a hot cup of tea! 

Chocolate Santa Lollipop 

This is a milk, wheat and gluten free chocolate lollipop. I actually bought this and ate it while in the car on the way home. A nice and chunky lolly and its just nice to be able to have a different kind of chocolate.

3D Gingerbread Star Kit

I am so excited by this! I am holding a Christmas dinner party so will defintely be making this as the centre piece! I always found it difficult to get the gingerbread houses to stick together so this is a refreshing change!

Chocologic Advent Calendar

I would really recommend getting these asap! I left it until the beginning of December to find one last year and I was disappointed. Luckily this year, my nan saw it in October and snapped it up straight away!

Chocolate Brownie Christmas Pudding Kit

Both of my sisters don't like the taste of a traditional Christmas pudding and they are both dairy free. So this is going to be perfect for them. Christmas puddings always look so appealing but if you don't like the taste of them then I would recommend this. 

I think this is a really good selection available! Well done Tesco! 

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