Sainsbury's Deliciously Free From Range

So it's nearly the end of October (and nearly my birthday) so it's time to start thinking about that dreaded C word...


I visited Sainsbury's in Putney this weekend to get some breakfast and there was so much on display, I walked out wanting mince pies for brunch!! 

I took a few snaps and thought I'd share them with you guys? I have also visited other supermarkets so will update you guys with what they have on offer. 

(BTW everything is gluten, wheat and dairy free!) 

Iced Rich Fruit Cake

I had this last year, it was so nice and rich (hence the name) . Really good to be able to cut a small (or large) slice off and enjoy with a cuppa. 

Iced Rich Fruit Cake Slices
Exactly the same as the previous cake, but just in smaller individual portions. I ususally get these to enjoy with my nan, shes a diabetic but at least she can only have a small slice of Christmas cake with me! 

Iced Mince Pies
Everyone loves mince pies, but if you want something a little bit sweeter then these are topped with icing!

Christmas Fruit Cake
Over all Christmas parties, there is always a Christmas cake in the buffet isn't there. This is huge as well and has a good weight to it so definitely a good investment for your party!

Mince Pies
I bought these last year and they were delicious! I already bought myself a packet and they have gone because I loved them so much! I really recommend warming then up for a few seconds in the microwave and topping them with Dairy Free cream for a lovely, wintery treat.  

Christmas Pudding 
Sainsbury's know that not all of the family will want to eat the Gluten free Christmas pudding. So they have made an individual one for the free fromers so that we don't feel left out on Christmas day! However, if you have more than one of you then there is a bigger version to share. 

Advent Calenders & Selection Boxes
I would seriously recommend buying a free from advent calendar as early and as soon as possible! I left it a few weeks to find mine and seriously regretted it because as soon as I went to buy one mid November, they just did not exist!! 
I get one of the Moo Free selection boxes every year, they have now got different flavours such as orange. 

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