Accidentally Gluten and Dairy Free Foods

When you tell people that you're Gluten and Dairy free, 9 times out of 10 you get:

'So what can you eat, you must really struggle to find food'

This may have been difficult a few years ago, but nowadays, it is getting more and more common for you to walk into a shop or a restaurant and be able to pick up Gluten and dairy free food. 

But when you go into supermarkets, a lot of foods which you might think are off limits are naturally gluten and dairy free!

We are now not just restricted to the free from aisle. And with the law stating that companies have to inform customers of every ingredient and allergen included within their products, the transparency works in our favour. 

Custard Powder

Alpro have a lovely box of custard but sometimes if you only want a little bit its easier to just make your own. This is also a lot cheaper per portion than buying a box everytime, plus this keeps in the cupboard for months. 

I used to love these before I found out I was Gluten and Dairy intolerant, but it was just one food I automatically assumed were full of gluten. A few weeks ago I really really fancied them so I thought I would check if they're okay, amazingly they are made of corn flour so completely gluten free! 
This packet comes with spicy salsa, 10 shells and a spice mix which is great to sprinkle on the mince, chicken or veggie alternative that gives it a lovely smoky, spicy taste. 

Soups can sometimes be an issue because of the thickeners and cream that get added to enhance the taste and texture. However, I have found this soup from Tesco which is free from gluten, dairy, vegetarian and vegan. So it fits most people. Plus its 2 of your 5 a day, so always a bonus! 


I love a good bag of tortillas, and dip them into chunky salsa. This is one of the best salsa's I have found, with chunky tomatoes, onions and a lovely sauce. And all naturally gluten and dairy free!

Christmas is a time to sit with family, watching crap TV and have mountains of snacks around you. I particularly like crunchy crisps with dips, and these are the best ones I have found. These are Sainsbury's Christmas Tree Shaped Tortilla Chips, and they are light enough to not make you get that horrible heavily full feeling! 

Another little find in Sainsbury's (I had a good shopping trip there!). These are lovely crispy and tasty, and it was nice to realise that I can just eat the same as everyone else, rather than paying twice the price for exactly the same thing. 

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