The New Warburtons Free From Range

I don't know if you've heard yet, but Newburn Bakehouse has now changed their name to 

Warburtons Gluten Free!

They have completely rebranded their products and as you'll see below, they look awesome! 

They were kind enough to send me some of the products to test out (it's a tough job) so I thought I would outline them all below: 

Artisan Tiger Loaf 
As soon as I finished taking this photo, this was out of the packaging and sliced up in the toaster! The top flavouring is lovely and the loaf itself is so soft! 
I would sliced this up toasted it, and topped it with a fruity jam! Perfect little breakfast. 
I would recommend, if you can't eat the whole loaf in one go and don't want it to go off, then pre slice it and wrap up before placing in the freezer. 


Or 'Muppets' as I used to call them. I absolutely love these! They are spongy and taste just like standards crumpets. Put them in the toaster until they are really crisp and top them with dairy free butter! Or for a sweet treat, top with peanut butter and jam! 

Protein Wraps 

I don't know about you, but I have had gluten free wraps before that have just fallen apart. These ones hold together so well and are really tasty. These are perfect for making enchiladas, because, even with the sauce, they hold together really well! 

They are made of rice and tapioca flour with added pea protein and a mix of seeds to add in some healthy fats.

Multiseed Loaf 

This is a really good sized loaf of bread for house holds where you are the only gluten free'er. It is slightly smaller than a normal loaf which is great. I have had a look through the slices and there are no holes!! (I've lost count of the amount of holey pieces of bread I have had!). 

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