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Sustainability is such a big thing at the moment in the media, in shops and in politics. A lot of people only just realized the huge significance that this is having on the planet. I think a lot of young people started to listen when Blue Planet 2 was aired last year. 

There are so many small things that you can do to change your individual impact on the planet. I wrote a post about the small changes you can make to live more consciously here.

Thousands and thousands of pieces of fruit get thrown away every year but the company 'Get Wonky' 
aim to change that.

They produce drinks from misshapen apples, strawberries, chokeberries and beetroots, that normally would just be thrown away because they don't look 'pretty' enough to sell. 

Personally I don't understand this. Previously, I have bought two packets of strawberries, one normal and one 'imperfect', and the imperfect packet lasted so much better than the normal strawberries!  

Get Wonky get all of this fruit from farmers who cannot sell their products to mainstream companies because of the preference to 'perfect' fruit. This is so so good because it helps to create a better business for farmers and a more sustainable future for their businesses! 

They aim to save 150 tonnes of wonky fruit over the next few months, which is a huge amount that would usually just be turned into waste. 

The bottles that these juices come in are made from recycled glass, that can be recycled or reused. I have kept my bottles because they are perfect to put my smoothies in on the go, or just use in the house to have a drink in! 

Nutrition wise, these drinks are great. They contain only fruit, with no added sugar, preservatives or artificial flavourings, unlike other bigger brands that disguise the natural flavour of fruit under sugar and sweeteners. 

What I love most about these guys, is that they are not out there to make money, they put the money they make back into the company to help grow and raise more awareness about sustainability issues

Drink Flavours:

They currently have four different flavours:

Strawberry and Apple

This is such a nice juice, and it tastes exactly as it says. My other half drank this whole juice in a matter of minutes and he usually hates anything containing fruit! 

Sweet and Sour Apple

Don't let the name put you off on this one, this juice is basically apple juice, but because it is natural it is the proper colour, not the processed and manufactured version that is transparent. I think this may be my favourite out of them all! 

Beetroot and Apple

I love the colour of this one! I am not a massive fan of drinking beetroot after I bought a beetroot juice and it tasted horrible... But this juice is mixed with apples and is the perfect balance of apple and beetroot. 

Chokeberry and Apple

Chokeberries are not very common around the UK, but they should be! They contain a lot of antioxidants, they have the ability to aid digestion and can help reduce inflammation in the body. 

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