Easter Finds in Asda - Free From Gluten, Wheat, Milk and Vegan

Easter is coming up next week and I have been visiting different supermarkets to find out what they have on offer that is Gluten Free, Dairy Free and all are suitable for vegans!

If you want to see what Tesco has in stock this year, check out my post here:

Tesco Free From Easter 

Belgian Dark Chocolate Egg with Vanilla Flavoured Truffles 

This looks so good, and I really wish that Asda would sell the vanilla truffles separately throughout the year! 

Easter Egg with Chocolate Orange Discs

I had this egg last year, the chocolate is your standard Easter egg and tastes like milk chocolate. Perfect for kids and adults, and I absolutely love the chocolate orange discs (If you can't tell, I am a massive fan of chocolate orange!)

White Chocolate Easter Egg with White Chocolate Buttons
Personally I am not a fan of white chocolate. But I have had great feedback about the taste of the chocolate saying that it tastes like 'normal' white chocolate and is milky and sweet. 

Chocolate Easter Bunny

Last year these were made of dark chocolate and I had about 6 of them bought for me (Heaven). But this year they are made of milk chocolate which I am super excited for! And they look so cute, perfect for kids!

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