Easter Finds in Tesco - Free From Gluten, Wheat and Milk

One of my favourite time's of year is nearly here... Easter!! 

As a kid I used to love waking up on Easter Sunday, coming downstairs to find multiple Easter eggs and our singing Easter bunny. It was like a second Christmas! 

Sorry I really wanted to put this bunny gif in here, lets pretend it the Easter bunny! 

And even at 25 years old, my mum will still keep up the traditions and buys us all an Easter egg! 

I visited Tesco with my mum, and found all of these Easter treats!

Chocolate Free From Bunny Lollies 

These are very similar to the chocolate reindeer's you were able to get over Christmas. And I got so many of those in my stocking! I didn't actually eat with them like that, I melted them and baked them into a brownie, and I plan to buy more and do exactly the same with these! And at only £1, they are perfect for a little treat for kids (or bigger kids like me!). 

Tesco Free From Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate Eggs

I love the bright packaging on these. They really are eye catching, and kids will love them! They are also available in two different sizes, so if you have a smaller child (or you want to make sure you don't eat as much chocolate) then they are perfect. 

 The bigger ones come with chocolate coins and the smaller ones contain a bag of buttons. I had some of the Tesco Free From white buttons and my friends little girl tried them. She couldn't tell the difference and said that she would ask her mum to buy them for her because she loved them so much! 

Tesco Finest Free From Egg:
Salted Caramel Egg with Fondant Truffles 

If you want a more 'grown up' chocolate Easter egg, then Tesco Finest have sorted you out! These are great because they look like a 'normal' egg. And if the truffles are anything like the ones that they sold over the Christmas period, then this is a special kind of egg. Word of advice; don't eat all of the truffles in one sitting, you will feel very poorly for the next few hours! 

Belgian Dark Chocolate Egg with Dark Orange Truffles

This is the one I got for myself. I'm an absolute sucker for anything containing the words 'Chocolate' and 'Orange'. 
I would let you know how it actually tastes, but my mother is being all traditional and won't let me open it until Easter Sunday, so keep an eye out on my Instagram for a proper review!  

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