The White Rabbit Pizza

The White Rabbit Pizza Company who aim to create delicious, high quality pizza. The pizzas that they make are gluten free (and suitable for coeliacs) and they also have vegan varieties so they can cater for all. 

The different varieties they offer they are both gluten and dairy free are:
Viva La Vegan - Vegan Mozzarella, sun dried tomato and pesto
Nudies - Stone baked pizza bases to customise yourself
Smoking Vegan - Vegan Mozzarella, spinach, olives, tomatoes

I managed to try out the Smoking vegan pizza.

(Cleo was really interested in this pizza!)

Below is a picture of the ingredients, as you can see all of the ingredients are gluten free, dairy free and completely vegan. And I would say that there are not any horrible ingredients in there! 

This is the pizza before I put it in the oven. It has a good spread of ingredients and is well distributed across the base. 

I served mine with a side plate full of salad.
I want to send the message out that pizza can be one of the most well balanced meals that you could eat. Now I'm not saying call up Dominoes and order yourself a large stuffed crust mighty meaty pizza and eat the entire thing... But if you have the right toppings and it isn't ladened with grease, then why shouldn't you have a pizza!? The base is a good source of carbohydrates, add some vegetables to the top, with a little side salad, and add some salmon/chicken/seeds for a hit of protein!

I really liked this pizza! It had a mixture of good flavours in the toppings, although I don't like olives (I gave them a go but I can't get my taste buds to accept them!). The vegan cheese actually melted a little bit and was tasty and I love a crispy base on a pizza, and this crisped up lovely!

Well done White Rabbit Pizza! 

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