May Favourites

It's been a very sweet month by the looks of my favourites! 

Most of these I picked up from Be:Fit, and I spoke to all of the brand ambassadors and they are all so lovely! So down to earth and really passionate about their products which is so lovely to see! 

It has definitely been a rather sweet treat month! But I put that down to a lot of university assignments and after gym treats! 

PB Fit - Chocolate and Peanut Butter

If you're like me and have smoothies most days, you have to try this! They have a standard peanut butter version, but I had to try the Chocolate Peanut version. It has less fat than normal peanut butter (Not always a good thing - That's not the reason I bought it) and you can either put a tablespoon in smoothies and porridge or add some water to make your own smooth nut butter. 

Mindful Bites - Individual Squeeze Packs

Another nut butter find! I would class mindful bites as the 'Premium' brand of peanut butter. Their flavour pairings are amazing. I got the chance to try them all out Be:Fit and I fell in love with the Cashew and Baobao flavour, although anything with cashews in, is a winner for me! 
I actually bought the squeezy packs and they are so handy on the go, and they even come with a little straw in the pack so you can suck all the nut butter out! 

NUSH Yoghurts

It's so refreshing to see a yoghurt brand that isn't made from soy or coconut (I like soy and coconut, just is nice to be able to mix it up a little!). 

Nush have done just that by making almond milk yoghurts. I would seriously recommend the banoffee flavour (And the woman at NUSH taught me to put nut butter in for a really creamy treat!). 

Primal Pantry Bar 

I bought this bar at the start of the month as a treat for finishing my assignments and my second year at university. And the taste of it was lovely! Sometimes I don't enjoy protein bars because the protein overpowers the flavour, but this is a good balance. Also, the texture is lovely! A dense but still soft brownie, kind of the in between of a baked and raw brownie (If that even makes sense!). 

BFree Pizza Bases

(Another find from Be:Fit!) These pizza bases are gluten free, dairy free, nut free, soy free and vegan and they taste as good as a 'normal' pizza base! They are high in fibre and low in fat. And remember that pizza can be one of the most balanced meals that you can make, as long as you include all of the different components! 

Top tip: Don't try to eat a whole pizza and then go out wearing a tight top...It's not comfortable! 

(Look how interested Cleo was when she saw the pizza!) 

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