Pago Juices

So a few weeks ago I was sent some juices to try from Pago Juices

Now if you read any article about fruit juices, it will say 'Don't drink it because its full of sugar'. And they're half right. Fruit juice is still okay to drink on occasion. There is no point cutting out juice from your life, because if you really like it and drink it a lot, you will then just crave it and drink more (Most human's don't cope very well with restriction!).

My top piece of advice is to have everything in moderation.

Anyway, back to the juices...

Pago only make their juices from natural ingredients - although this doesn't mean drink loads at once, there is still a lot of sugar in them which can be harmful on your teeth! However, I usually drink coffees and fruit juices through a straw (Make sure it's reusable) to try to protect my teeth from the citrus juices!

They are actually sold all over Europe and have so many different flavours.

The come in really cute little green bottles and I've kept them now to use as storage containers. One bottle has some seeds in it, another has some leftover protein powder because the big bag was taking up too much room and yesterday I used one to carry my smoothie around with me!

My favourite flavour was the Rhubarb and Pear juice! I'm not a big fan of drinking fruit juice straight on it's own, but I really liked the flavour of this, especially with some ice in. But when the good weather hit at the weekend I decided to mix it up in some cocktails!

I invited the girls over and I made some fizzy Rhubarb and Pear Gin Cocktails! (They went down really well!). I'm a huge fan of a good old Gin and Tonic - who isn't these days! - And I repeat my point here, everything in moderation. If you like having a few drinks when you go out with friends at the weekend then do it. Especially when you can make cocktails at home like these! 

I simply added in:

  • 25ml Bombay Sapphire Gin 
  • 50ml Rhubarb and Pear Juice 
  • 50ml Tonic Water 
  • Loads of ice
Mixed all together and served in some cute glasses or mason jars with reusable straws and if your feeling even more summery, add in some berries or a squeeze of lime! Your friends will love them, so serve them up at your next BBQ!

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