It can play a massive part in a lot of peoples days, keeping them fuelled and awake to do their day to day tasks. It is used a lot by athletes when they take part in endurance events, to help them to perform better. 

The popular stimulant is also known to enhance mood, brain power, work capacity and can reduce fatigue.

On the other hand, high doses and overuse can cause an increase in tremors and anxiety.

When you consume caffeine, it takes approximately 30-75 minutes to peak within the blood aka, for you to feel energised. 

However, over time, the effect that coffee has on us can weaken and you can start to become immune to the effects of caffeine. And also, the overall effect that caffeine has on the body is actually different from person to person. 

It has been found that <400mg/day of caffeine is 'safe' for the average person. That amounts to about 3/4 cups of coffee (not the extra strong lattes you go and get from Costa!) or an energy drink a day. In terms of tea, an average cup has about 26mg of caffeine, but this does not mean drink 15 cups of tea a day! 

Also, bare in mind that everybody has a different tolerance to the effects so this may be less for some people. I have a very low tolerance to caffeine and strictly stick to 3 cups of tea a day maximum and all have to be consumed before 3pm. 

Chocolate also contains caffeine too, so remember that before you have your bar of chocolate before you head to bed! On average, 100g of dark chocolate can contain up to 40mg of caffeine. 

Caffeine can also play havoc on your digestive system. It is known to be one of the triggers of IBS and can also increase the stomach acid that your body produces, causing acid reflux. 

If you are trying to give up or cut down on your consumption levels of caffeine, please try and do so in stages. Caffeine withdrawal can cause headaches, fatigue, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, irritability and tremors. 

So overall, caffeine can be a good thing and can help you succeed in things in life. However, just take note that over consumption can be bad for your gut, your concentration and your overall productivity. Remember that every individual is different, so if your friend can tolerate 3 strong coffees a day but you can't then that is totally fine. You do you. 

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