Eating Mindfully

We live in a world where everyone is super busy. When you see a friend, a lot of the time you compare how busy you both are and how much work you have to get done. 
But a lot of people neglect spending time sitting down and eating. 
Some of the benefits of spending time eating mindfully are:

o   It allows your body to take notice in what you are eating, and it will highlight to you when it is full. Usually people are not paying attention to what they eat if they are sitting in front of the tv or working at their desks and can easily overeat. 

o   Sitting down and taking your time with your food helps to improve digestion which will nourish your body

o   Eating slowly actually helps you to taste the food a bit better, making you enjoy the food more 

o   In some cases, becoming more mindful this can help you to lose weight. Those people who eat quickly tend to overeat and overconsume calories as their stomach is not quick enough at sending a signal to the brain to say it is full. Therefore, eating slower means you will stop eating when you are full and are likely to consume the amount of calories which your body actually needs. 

o   You can actually feel like you have more control over what you are eating 

So, there are a lot of benefits to becoming more mindful with your eating. You don’t need to sit there and meditate while you eat but just be aware of what is around you. Here are some tips to eat mindfully:

1.    Try not to eat on the go – make sure you sit down somewhere to eat your food. Even if you go to a nearby cafĂ© and take 5 minutes with a cuppa

2.    Don’t pile your plate up too high – if you overfill your plate, you may be tempted to overeat and will end up feeling bloated and could get indigestion

3.    If you do have too much on your plate, then it will keep for another time. Making a big portion of food means that you can save some for leftovers another day. Or you have lunch for another day = meal prep!

4.    Eat when you feel hungry – Our bodies love routine. They love getting up at the same time, going to bed at the same time, but eating can vary slightly due to hormones, the weather, sleep, social events etc. So if one day you wake up and you’re not hungry, don’t force yourself to eat breakfast, take it to work with you and eat it later on. Your body will tell you when it is ready for food

5.    Put your knife/fork/spoon down between bites – if you are still struggling and are finding you are scoffing meals, try putting your cutlery down in between bites, and don’t load up your fork again until you have finished the last mouthful

We have to eat every single day, so sit down and enjoy it rather than spending money on food which you will inhale and your brain not recall eating it! 

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